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Strata Insurance

Your property is your most valuable asset, which is why investing in the best possible property owners insurance is so important.

Get the Protection You Need

Working out how much insurance you need for a commercial building can be tricky. If you’re not careful, you could end up underinsured, but on the other hand, you don’t want to end up paying for cover you don’t need.

A specialist insurance broker, like Macquarie Insurance Brokers can help tailor a policy for you that gives you complete protection with no unnecessary or duplicated cover.

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

As the name suggests, commercial property insurance protects you financially against the risks you face when you own a commercial property. This can include everything from burst pipes to accidents and break-ins.

At Macquarie Insurance Brokers, we arrange cover for all types of commercial properties, including factories, industrial unit blocks and freestanding shops, as well as shopping centres or arcades, office blocks, residential buildings and all Strata Title Buildings. We also work with insurers who provide cover for unoccupied properties, buildings constructed of non-standard materials, such as EPS and properties that are in the hire flooding and bush fire risk category.

Policies can be arranged on behalf of individuals / freeholders, property managers, real estate agents, investors, developers and owners corporation / strata executive committees.  

How Can Property Owners Insurance Protect You?

-       Specialist property insurance from Macquarie Insurance Brokers will cover the cost to repair or rebuild commercial premises after a fire, earthquake, explosion, flood, burst pipes or accidental damage. We are able to tailor the policy to include every part of the building, including communal areas, fixtures and fittings, glass, cables and underground pipework, as well as machinery and equipment breakdowns.

-       We’ll also find you a policy that covers your liabilities for injury or damage in connection with public use of the building, including the cost to defend a liability claim following an accident.

-       If your property is rendered unfit for occupation, it’s important you make sure you have the option for loss of rent and even cover the cost of alternative accommodation.

What About Strata Insurance?

Using a licensed insurance broker if you’re part of an owners corporation or executive committee and you want to reduce your costs, while enhancing your cover, will prove very beneficial for the following reasons:

-       If a managing agent is arranging cover, the managing agent may be receiving a commission ‘kick-back.’ If cover is arranged directly, a premium saving of between 10-20% could be achieved.

-       At Macquarie Insurance Brokers we can provide risk management information that often results in reduced premiums and consistency with coverage.

-       We’ll also be able to provide advice and arrange cover for directors and officers (office bearer) insurance whilst explaining exactly what the benefits of this cover actually are.

-       Finally, we can advise when to make a claim (sometimes claiming for small amounts is not a good idea and can impact on future premiums).

Macquarie Insurance Brokers works closely with all major insurers and underwriters in Australia. Part of our service includes a full claim service, which means we’re available to talk to you directly if anything goes wrong.

Don’t let your property manager bully you into taking the insurance with them or their agents – talk to us today about how we can find you the best cover at the best price!  


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